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There was a lot of old bread left, and I never throw away the bread, so I decided to do something with it and so I came up with this idea. The realization delighted me ... The tastes are exactly as they suit me ... if you won't use it already, send the old bread to my address, because this is sooo fine for me, and there is no more bread;))

Preparation steps

  • In one bowl, crumble the bread and add the milk, oil and egg. salt and pepper. Leave for a few minutes to soak.
  • fry the onion in a little oil and, when it has turned yellow, add the previous mixture. Turn on the heat for about 3 minutes, and towards the end add the tuna and stir a few more times.
  • Shape into balls and put in the oven at 200C, 10-15 min ... Turn off the oven and leave it open for steam to come out and for the balls to compress more. Serve cold with zucchini or other vegetables;)


Enjoy the flavors;)


dumplings snack tried

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