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Bulk jam (on my way)

I just can't watch something go wrong and I don't use it in the right way, so this year I decided to make pomegranate jam for the first time, although I already have a lot of experience in other jams, but I always like to try something new that I haven't done. the first time it turned out great for me, it is quite demanding (which we all complain about who made it :-)) but it really pays off and it's really invaluable to me and I only make it for my loved ones ...

Preparation steps

  • Clean the pomegranate from the black caps, wash it well, put it in a deep bowl and pour water to be above the pomegranate. Then put it on a moderate heat and cook, gradually adding water when it boils.
  • At the end of cooking, the pomegranate should be well squeezed in the pot in which it is cooked.
  • When the pomegranate is cooked, strain it into another bowl through a strainer. Put in the strainer part by part of the mass and mix with a food processor until everything is strained. About 500 g of sugar is added to 1 L of filtered mass.
  • Add sugar to the strained mass and cook, stirring often, until it thickens. Hot jam is poured into hot jars .... and that's mostly how it should be ...


It can also be put in cakes, but my favorite is to spread a slice of bread with margarine and jam and with that one salt of milk ... great for breakfast or between meals to kill a little hunger :-)



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