Rosa Cooking

Bulgur with minced meat and vegetables

The quantities are like that because when I cook, I never measure exactly in grams (except when baking cakes and pies).

Preparation steps

  • Wash vegetables and chop into cubes. Put in a baking tray, pour a couple of tablespoons of oil and a little water and mix. Bake in the oven at 200 C for about 40 minutes (check when it is baked because it all depends on the oven).
  • Meanwhile, put the cooked bulgar.
  • Saute the onion in a little oil, then add the minced meat and fry a little more. Drizzle with tomatoes and cook over low heat until meat and onion are soft. Add a little water if necessary.
  • Add drained bulgar and vegetables to the meat sauce. I didn't prepare the sauce because I already had cooked ragout, so I put about a pinch of ragout, bulgar and vegetables. Stir, salt, add a little pepper, chopped garlic and parsley.


Sprinkle with parmesan if desired.