Rosa Cooking

Bulgur with eggplant and cinnamon

My today's ruckic. It may not be a typical weekly one, but it is real :) An incompatible combination on the first ball, but the end result ... phenomenal!

Bulgur with eggplant and cinnamon

Preparation steps

  • Heat the oil and add the chopped onion into medium pieces, add salt and simmer briefly. Add the carrot pieces, then the tomatoes, which I pulled out of the freezer, and then the previously soaked soy pieces and eggplant. Pour a little homemade tomato juice and put the corn. Sprinkle with pepper. and allspice (do not mix).
  • Just before the end of the stew, add bulgur, finely chopped garlic, cinnamon and parsley, cover, then remove from the heat and let stand for about half an hour.


Serve with olives and horseradish.