Rosa Cooking

Bulgur with chicken and paprika

One of our favorite combinations, quick to save, even faster to disappear :)

Preparation steps

  • Heat the oil, in a slightly larger, deeper pan. Add onion, tomato puree and fry briefly.
  • Now add the chicken to the thinly sliced ​​strips, season with and stir, to fry finely. Now add the carrots to the rings, or if desired, the peppers cut into larger cubes, then mix at a medium temperature for a few minutes, pour in 200 ml of hot water, and let it cook until everything is soft, about 15 minutes, occasionally stir.
  • Now add the bulgur, pour in the rest of the liquid, mix well, add the parsley, red pepper, and cook until all is well combined, the bulgur is boiled to soften finely.


Serve with salad as desired.


bulgur dietary rice

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