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Bulgur salad with sprouts

In addition to containing many nutritional values, this salad is enriched with a new dose of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other nutrients that are hidden in small vegetable shoots, sprouts. Germs have low caloric and high energy value. Growing sprouts is very simple, you need organically grown seeds, a jar, gauze, gum and a few days of patience. You can add them to various dishes, in raw, lightly roasted or cooked form. The alfalfa sprouts used in this recipe are used exclusively raw because heat treatment would lose many of the nutritional values ​​(especially vitamin C) that they are rich in. Get organic seeds and grow sprouts and enrich your meals with an extra dose of energy in small!

Preparation steps

  • Growing alfalfa sprouts
  • - put 1 - 2 tablespoons of organically grown alfalfa seeds in a clean and dry jar and pour lukewarm water - put gauze on the opening of the jar and fasten it with a rubber band - leave the sprouts to soak for 6 hours (preferably overnight) and then pour water through gauze and rinse the sprouts - drain the sprouts and place the jar obliquely in a container so that the sprouts are not soaked in water (to prevent mold) - during 4 days of germination, rinse the sprouts three times a day. - at the last rinse, put the sprouts in a large bowl with cold water and after rinsing strain them through a strainer, dry the sprouts in the air for about 6 hours before consuming - store the dried sprouts in a closed container in the refrigerator. - consume them in a period of 7 to a maximum of 10 days
  • Salad preparation
  • 1. Place the bulgur in a bowl and pour boiling water over it, add salt and let stand for about 20 minutes until the bulgur absorbs all the water (approximately 100 g and 250 ml of water). 2. For the topping, mix olive oil, lemon juice, water, Himalayan salt and pepper. 3. Clean, wash and chop the vegetables (avocado, tomato and radish) into smaller pieces. Wash the mixed salad under running water and pat dry. 4. Place the chilled bulgur in a larger bowl, add the chopped vegetables and mixed salad and pour over the prepared topping. Stir gently. 5. Garnish the salad with alfalfa sprouts (or some other sprouts).


Serve the salad as a cold side dish or as a standalone dish!