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Bulgur of vanity

Were at a nice event, bird's milk and the rest and he asked my wife "and you never made this, don't you know?". there is in the fridge, I cook twice as much bulgur than I need, so two recipes. He will tell me I don't know!

Bulgur of vanity

Preparation steps

  • I boiled the bulgur in a steamer for 15 minutes. I don't know how much it should be cooked in water, I'm doing this for the first time. Clean the chard, cut off the stalks. Cut it into noodles, the smaller the better. Saute the chard in 2 tablespoons of olive oil to evaporate all the water from it. Add the thawed shrimp and continue simmering for a few more minutes. Add the boiled bulgur, pour in the broth or water and continue to simmer until everything is combined. At the end, add garlic, capers, vegeta, thyme or some other spice to taste. Remove from the stove, add a handful of capers and stir. Maybe in the end I could add parmesan like in risotto, but ...


With white wine