Rosa Cooking

Bulgarian bread

It cooks quickly, eats even faster. Ideal for breakfast or dinner.

Preparation steps

  • Mix all the ingredients, pour into a greased pan, sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake for about 20 minutes.


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Cheese and spinach strudel

There is nothing better than homemade dough that is lovingly mixed and thinly and precisely stretched without haste. If you "wrap" it around a good, homemade stuffing of cheese, eggs, cream and spinach, you will get a top-quality strudel.

Fine minced burek

Although burek reminds many primarily of cheese pie, no less a fan has burek with meat, further refined here.

Fruits with a fragrant topping

Fruits with a fragrant topping

Slimmer, healthier, summerier! You will become and remain so if you replace classic dinners with a light variant in the form of salads. Pour fragrant toppings of spices and honey over the pieces of fruit and - you won't even think about cakes!

Icelandic fish fritters with sauce (Graflaysosa)

We used to make fritters from vegetables or meat, less often from fish. Try this Icelandic variant with the addition of mayonnaise, honey and mustard sauce.

Nona's ditch

In order to reveal the old Istrian cuisine to us, two excellent chefs, Sergio Dragonja and Mario Licul, unwrapped the memories - grandmother's kitchen towel, Nona's cannabis. They designed a very modern dish and dedicated it to the memory of their grandmothers and their kitchens.

Orange slices

Oranges are an unavoidable part of winter decor, and you will be able to prepare orange slices at any time of the year. The real advice of gold is valuable: slice the baked dough while it is still lukewarm, and only completely cooled, coat with cream. The recipe was tried and adapted according to the original recipe from the collection of recipes "Cakes with Advent baskets" by members of the Croatian-Austrian Cultural Community from Varaždin.

Vegetable fritters

If you like vegetables, prepare vegetable fritters from carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and kale. You can also add sesame seeds, flax or others, according to your wishes.