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Bulgarian baklava

Very juicy baklava without crust, which is quick and easy to prepare.

Preparation steps

  • Whisk eggs and sugar, add milk, oil, nuts, raisins, and mix everything well. Finally add semolina and flour mixed with baking powder. Coat a medium tray measuring 33x22 cm with oil, sprinkle with flour and pour the mixture. The mixture is thicker, that's how it should be. Preheat the oven to 210 degrees C and bake the mixture for 25 minutes.
  • Put sugar, vanilla, caramel or rum sugar and water to boil. Reduce heat and cook for 5 minutes after boiling. Remove from the heat and add lemon juice. Slowly pour hot syrup over the hot baklava and leave it to absorb the syrup completely and cool down, then cut it. Sprinkle the sliced ​​baklava with coarsely chopped walnuts.
  • You can see the recipe here as well.





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