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Bulbul Yuvasi Ferrero rocher baklava

These miniature baklava are pure perfection. Crispy baklava stuffed with finely ground hazelnuts fantastically complements the fine ganaz of milk chocolate and nutella. On top, toasted hazelnuts as a complement to an already delicious dessert. I am totally defeated by the unique taste of these baklava ... Pure perfection ....

Preparation steps

  • Cut the baklava leaves into eight pieces. At the same time you can work with 1/2 baklava leaf cut into 4 parts. Coat with melted butter and sprinkle with finely ground hazelnuts. Roll around the sticks for the raznjic, roll and then gather a little like a wild baklava. Fold in the nest and arrange in a baking sheet.
  • When we are done with the rolling, coat the baklava with butter once more. Put the oven at a low temperature of 175 C for about 40 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, boil the bay. When we get the goose bay it’s over. Pour over the cooled baklava and cover with a kitchen towel so that the baklava absorbs the bay finely.
  • Make ganaz by boiling the cream and pouring over the chocolate and nutella. Allow to dissolve and mix into a shiny ganaz. Leave both the baklava and ganaz to cool well before decorating.
  • Squeeze the stars on each baklava and put fried and peeled hazelnuts on each one. Pleasant!


baklava ganache nutella

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