Rosa Cooking


... I ate something sweet today…

Preparation steps

  • add a little warm milk, a little sugar and flour to the yeast, leave to rise
  • use a mixer to make egg, milk, sugar, vanilla sugar, cream and oil
  • in another bowl put flour, a little salt and grated lemon zest
  • flour add yeast and mixed mixture
  • knead the dough with your hands, when you get a smooth mixture, let the dough rise
  • roll out the risen dough, cut rectangles that we fill with the filling as desired
  • we form small balls that we put on an oiled baking tray (it is good to oil the balls on all sides so that they separate more easily after baking)
  • recipe in steps
  • let the buns rise, coat them with egg yolk and place in the oven
  • bake at about 175 C for about half an hour
  • sprinkle the finished and cooled buns with powdered sugar



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Wondering where the honey is in this honeycomb? He is gone! It is actually played by a fruit spread, and the hives are made of soft dough with butter. If you serve them hot and sprinkled with sugar, small bees will still gather around it - children, who love everything that is interesting and sweet!