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Buhtle with apricot jam;)

mmmmmm, when the house smells like this fine pastry we are all eagerly waiting for our bun on the plate. I created this recipe myself by trying out the most varied variants and, indeed, without false modesty, it is unsurpassed. Buns are buns, you will say, but when you try these, they are soft as a soul, you will not go back to the old, I guarantee! There is one problem, though - it is not recommended to work near those who are on a diet because they will immediately give up!

Preparation steps

  • Make a froth: mix sugar and a little flour into a little warm milk and crumble the yeast. Allow to rise to double volume. Also, you can now put the butter to melt so it doesn’t get too hot when you mix it into the dough.
  • Put flour, salt, make a hole in the middle in a bowl with a minimum volume of 5 L and add foam and beaten eggs to the hole in order. Knead el. mixer with spiral dough attachments, with the addition of the remaining amount of warm milk. Make well and then pour in the butter and mix everything until it starts to come off the pan.
  • Raise the dough in a warm place, it can be in a covered bowl for raising the dough, until the lid "cracks" or until the volume doubles. Stir again and lift once more.
  • Now place the dough on a base floured with sharp flour, roll out to a finger thickness and cut into squares. Put a teaspoon of apricot or rosehip jam in the middle.
  • Close the opposite ends and carefully shape the bun so that the contents do not leak out. Arrange on a buttered baking sheet and leave enough space so that they do not stick too much and so that they “grow” in width as well.
  • Cover the buns with a cloth and let them rise a little more. Coat them with melted butter and bake for 20-25 minutes in a preheated oven on a medium level at 180 ° C.
  • Pour 2 tablespoons of hot bay prepared from milk, sugar and vanilla over the hot buns. I don't know the quantities, but approx. 3-4 dl of milk, 3 tablespoons of sugar and 2 vanilla sugars go for this amount of buns. Cover with a cloth and let them absorb all the milk.


Serve them as you please. I put them in bowls and cover them with a cloth so that they don't dry out, but that never happens anyway because we eat them;)