Rosa Cooking


fine and soft!

Preparation steps

  • Dough: 2.5 dl milk 7.5 dag butter or margarine 50 dag flour 1 dry yeast 5 dag sugar 1 vanilla sugar 4 drops of lemon extract zitronen - aroma (I did not have so I put a little fresh lemon juice) 1 egg Before starting work heat the milk and melt the butter or margarine in it. For the dough, sift the flour and mix in the dry yeast. Then add warm milk with butter and all the other ingredients in order, stirring. When everything is nicely combined into a smooth dough, cover it and put it on warm to rise until it visibly increases. Grease the mold. Then take out the risen dough and mix it a little. Roll it into a large cube about one centimeter thick. Then cut it into smaller cubes that we fill with the filling as desired. We combine the dough and shape it a little in the hand like in a ball. We go down into a greased mold. Then melt the butter and spread all the balls with butter and leave on warm to rise a bit. Bake at temp. 180 c about 25 nim. Optionally while still warm sprinkle with powdered sugar.
  • for coating: 5 dag of butter or margarine for sprinkling: a little powdered sugar