Rosa Cooking

Buffle muffin with cheese and ham

An ideal dinner, an appetizer ... or the first thing that came to my mind that I could make when I saw a mold for big muffins and bought it.

Preparation steps

  • crush the germ in milk and add sugar and a little flour to rise, and knead a smooth dough, leave the dough to rise and knead it and make 6 loaves
  • Dip the dough a little and put a little ketchup, diced cheese, diced ham and eggs in the hole to form a round pastry
  • shaped and stuffed dough put in a muffin tin, pre-greased with butter and sprinkled with flour
  • if desired, spread on top with beaten egg yolk for about 20 minutes at about 190 ° C
  • the finer ones are still warm good taste!