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Buffalo sponge candy

This recipe requires a lot of experience and a path in the kitchen, although it doesn't look like that in terms of ingredients! But, if you are a master of pussies, you will probably be able to use a "sponge" :-)

Preparation steps

  • Before you start with the exercise, coat the bowl with a deeper (approximately three salt) bowl and set aside.
  • Basic recipe: 1. Pour molasses, sugar and vinegar into a deep sieve and mix the contents at a medium temperature until the sugar is completely dissolved. Cover for a minute! Condensed steam will "wash" the sides of the sickle.
  • Remove the cover, insert the thermometer and when it reaches 300 F and discard the key, remove from the stove. Now add the baking soda to the mass and stir quickly, not too much! Soda will cause bubbles to form and the mass will rise and lighten.
  • Pour the contents into a greased pan, do not straighten with a spatula, and leave in a cool place to harden. Break the cooled and hardened mass into smaller pieces, or cut with a knife that has small teeth, and if desired, coat them with melted chocolate or egg whites whipped with sugar.
  • sponge or brick in one piece… next time I will coat them with chocolate!


Buffalo sponge candy is a hundred-year-old treat. There are many recipes on the net. I worked on one of them.


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