Rosa Cooking

# budjola

Cracker focaccia

Aromatic and fragrant snack that delights hot and cold :))

Maces snack

Breakfast, snacks, dinner, party ...... does it matter at all?!?! :))))

Meat and vegetable rolls in sauce

Fast and fine! :))

Meat roll with buđol and bacon

light lunch ...

Pasta with eggplant and cheese

Sprinkle warm pasta with eggplant, prosciutto and wine with sauce with pecorino cheese and serve with your favorite drink at the table.

Shellfish with cream sauce and peas!

The other day I was at a food and wine fair and was treated to a cookbook by Jamie Oliver that I have been wanting for so long! This is the first recipe I've tried from her - with my little tweaks. The recipe is really great and the flavors surprised me a lot - and best of all - it’s ready in about 10 minutes! Good apetite!

Slavonian pizza

Now my grandfather would say, "you have no idea Carluco, pizza was a poor man's dish, so this one of yours doesn't hold water at all"! :))) Everyone in the house more or less loves the scarf meal, so on the menu with Capriccios is this "Slavonian" in my performance! ;)) And to know how nice it smells ..... :))))

Stuffed pancakes

The perfect dish for Sunday lunch.