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Buckwheat tortillas

Today I made tortillas and added a little buckwheat flour ...

Preparation steps

  • From the whole amount of flour, take a little (100-150 g for kneading-cooking), add buckwheat flour, sugar, salt and dry yeast. Mix with a spoon, make a depression in the flour, add oil and mix with lukewarm water. knead nicely, adding flour as much as necessary for the dough to be elastic and not stick to your hands (I peel each risen dough from the table 50 times and then it is nicer). Put the dough in a bowl, spread oil on top and cover with a thin foil and put a kitchen napkin on top. Leave the dough to rest and double the volume.
  • The dough is divided into 20 parts and each part is processed a little more (I take one in each hand and make two balls with circular strokes with both hands ... to shorten the time a little). , make a nice circle the size of a pizza plate - that's about a porcelain baker or pizza baker where each tortilla is baked. While it is baking, make the next one and so on until the end. soft. Ready-made tortillas can be used immediately, and can also be stored deep.


Filling tortillas depends on the mood and the current state of the refrigerator ... I'm kidding, everyone with their own tastes.



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Soup with chili and zucchini

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