Rosa Cooking

Buckwheat salad with tuna

A tasty step towards a healthier diet ....

Preparation steps

  • Rinse the buckwheat porridge well in a strainer under running water. Put it to boil in water in a ratio of 1: 2 in favor of water :) When it boils, add salt, reduce and cook covered for a maximum of 15 minutes .... try if it is cooked ... so it may be shorter.
  • In a large mixing bowl, chop the cucumbers and add the drained tuna. I used the one in my own juice because I try to avoid excess fat, so I added a little quality oil ... but if the tuna was in the oil ... nothing special needs to be added.
  • Drain the cooked buckwheat from any excess water after cooking, and add to the bowl .... season to taste with vinegar, pepper, herbs .... and mix well.


That's it ... quick, easy and healthy ... hot or chilled ... as a side dish or a complete meal ... let your imagination tell you what else to put inside ... maybe some boiled carrots, beans or anything else :)



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