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Buckwheat biscuits

Here is a very simple recipe for people who do not tolerate gluten. Since June, I have eliminated all carbohydrates from my diet (dough and pastries, sweets, cakes, fruit). I use exclusively buckwheat as a substitute for pastries in combination with seeds such as flax, sesame, tick ... I did it for health reasons, and I can say that I feel great, plus I lost 27 kg of body weight. She improved her blood count, sugar, candida and more. I am not allergic to gluten, but I must say that life without it is much better and healthier. I am recording this recipe because of those who asked for it ...

Preparation steps

  • Preparation: Grate the zucchini on a large grater. Add salt and drain well. In another bowl, beat eggs, yogurt, oil with salt, primrose leaves. Add flour and baking powder, finally pour in the drained zucchini. Mix everything well. Leave for ten minutes, then bake the biscuits. Just grease the first biscuit with oil, you don't have to. They are light and soft, they can be easily folded like pancakes.


buckwheat waffles zucchini

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