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Fritters with cheese and mashed potatoes

Or how to use the rest of the mashed potatoes. Fritters perfectly soft and delicious.

Fritters with mineral water

Fast fritters, without yogurt, milk .. they do not absorb fat..they are suitable for sweet and salty combinations.

Fritters with semolina

Here is a simple recipe from me for quick, simple, wonderful, fragrant fritters that melt in your mouth ...

Lean fritters with apple puree

In our country, fritters are mandatory on both Good Friday and Christmas Day. I always try to make them a little different and enrich the flavors, and especially this lean gedja has no milk or eggs, and no other ingredients that would make this very simple dough at least a little richer and more interesting. At the last minute I remembered I could put apple puree and I really wasn’t wrong. The puree gave them a fine apple aroma, and the dough the fineness and softness that eggs and milk normally give them. I hope some of you will like this nice and unusual combination.