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Brunch PLATE with millet and sardines ***

Cooked millet, fresh vegetables, sardines, croutons on request ... Season of healthy summer enjoyment❤️

Preparation steps

  • Millet is my gluten-free favorite of summer and health, in a salty salad variant, fortified with sardines, mackerel or tuna, with some toast or croutons and a wonderful brunch is there .. Blue-_)
  • First I put the onion into small cubes, a little sea salt on it, and then I chopped the young onion, I have two and finally a little leek. I seasoned the millet immediately with a little oil and a pinch of vinegar, and then I put together the onion mix and millet, stirred, chop the sardines with your hands and drain them from the oil beforehand, because they will be too strong and capture the taste of the whole plate. Tomatoes as small and as ripe as possible, to be a creamy salad, a little lemon on top and a handful of capers, I always go well with fish, and here is a wonderful brunch lunch moment ... Three types of onions do their thing and millet is finely saturated and spicy.


Serve under a tree, in the shade of one of your corners, the river bank, a perfect blue pleasure ....


brunch millet

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