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Brown Bronchi (or variations on the theme of bronchi)

I imagined ice chocolate in my mouth ....... I combined the taste of bronchi and my favorite chocolate biscuit ...... creamy, delicious, ........ that there were no other Bronchi-holics I don't believe that I would succeed ......

Preparation steps

  • DOUGH Beat eggs well with sugar. Lightly (with a spoon, wire ...) mix the melted chocolate and melted butter in this mixture (I melt them in the microwave together). Lightly add flour and baking powder. I baked (dried) three crusts in a standard oven tray, I baked at a medium temperature (150 C). Be careful not to overcook them, they are better juicy.
  • CREAM 1 Melt the caramels on low heat with a little milk, add the remaining milk, wait until it boils, pre-mixed density, sugar and a few tablespoons of milk add to the boiling mixture (caramels and milk) - from this you get a bronchial pudding. Add well-made (muted) butter to the cooled pudding, and well-made sweet cream, mix lightly - by hand
  • CREAM 2 Bring the milk to a boil, add the pre-mixed density, sugar and vanilla extract with a few tablespoons of milk to the boiling milk - from this you get a vanilla pudding. Add well-made (muted) butter to the cooled pudding, and well-made sweet cream, mix lightly - by hand
  • Decorate as desired


I leave the way of filling to you. I cut 32 dice and made a mini chess board (one half of 64 squares) .....


bronchi cream

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