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Bresaola salad

Bresaola is salted beef, dried for three months, cut into very thin slices and most often used for salad as an appetizer, for cold platters, etc. Bresaola has less than one percent fat, so it can be said that it is a dietary product.

Preparation steps

  • Cook the pennies according to the instructions on the package in salted water. Drain them and cool under a stream of cold water. Slice the parmesan, .Wash and dry the arugula. Spread the bresaola and add the arugula, penne and cheese. Roll out, arrange on a serving plate. Make the sauce: finely chop the tomatoes, mix them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and a little salt and pepper. Stir well and leave for ten minutes until the flavors are absorbed. It spills over the bundles.
  • Serve on fetica bread additionally drizzled with a little olive oil. You can serve it as an appetizer with a little salad.



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