Rosa Cooking

BREADED KAUL (cauliflower)

We really liked it this way even though we are not kaula fans.

Preparation steps

  • Mix soda into the flour, add egg yolks, salt, pepper and mix with water into a fairly thick mixture, but still liquid. Add lemon juice. Beat the egg whites into a solid batter and mix them into the mixture. Let the mixture prepared in this way stand until we prepare the kaul. Separate the flowers about 3 cm in size and blanch them briefly (boil them in boiling and salted water). 1 minute is enough from when the water boils. Take them out in a strainer or on a wire rack and drain well.
  • Dip the flowers into the mixture one by one or more of them together and fry in heated oil until they get colored and become crispy. Serve as a side dish with meat or as a warm appetizer with salad or mayonnaise. If they are not salty enough, we can add salt after frying.


kaul vegetables

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