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Delicious ... hake and cod are my No. 1 fish ... at least according to my taste ... this time I present you hake ... so enjoy ...

Preparation steps

  • Cut the hake into pieces of the desired size, put it in a bowl, pour over the olive oil, add salt, rub the oil and salt into the fish with your hands, and leave it in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
  • Fry hake wrapped in a lot of corn flour in heated sunflower oil (ie as much as the flour sticks to it).
  • Remove the fried pieces of hake on paper and then on a serving plate. Be sure to serve lemon next to it.
  • Cook diced and slightly salted potatoes. Strain, add butter, margarine, salt as desired and roughly mash the potatoes by hand. In such potatoes add cooking cream, pepper, parsley and serve.


The combination of fish, lemon and potatoes is ideal, at least for me ... try and see for yourself ...


hake potato

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