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Breaded cutlets

You really like it when they give you compliments about imagination in the kitchen, but it’s not easy to shine every time. In moments of creative blockade, start with the classics, spice it up with something new and everyone will ask you which secret ingredient makes an ordinary cutlet festive.

Breaded cutlets

Preparation steps

  • Beat the sliced ​​chops with a meat mallet and sprinkle with Natur pork.
  • Mix horseradish with sour cream and ground walnuts. Coat one side of the cutlet with the prepared horseradish.
  • Then roll the chops in flour, scrambled eggs, which you previously salted, and bread crumbs.
  • Fry the chops in heated oil in a wide pan by first turning them to the side smeared with horseradish.
  • Bake the chops on low heat on each side for about 8 minutes.


Place the baked chops on absorbent paper and serve with mashed potatoes and lettuce.


Put the chops in the oven on well-heated oil, then reduce the heat to a minimum.


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