Rosa Cooking

Bread with mashed potatoes and beer

I have no words for this finesse!

Preparation steps

  • If you use the puree left over from lunch, you shorten the preparation time, if not, then make it in the usual way and leave it to cool. Put yeast, sugar and a little flour in lukewarm water to start coming.
  • Put sifted flour, chilled puree in a kneading bowl and mix well with your hands. Make a hole in the middle, then pour in the leftover yeast, oil and lukewarm beer (so that it doesn't come out of the fridge) and knead a fine soft dough. Cover and leave in a warm place to double in volume.
  • Mix the risen dough with the addition of a little flour if necessary (so that it does not stick), shape the loaf or kajzerice (I had 8 of them) and leave it covered in the baking tray until it rises to 180-200c. Before putting them in the oven, moisten them with a little water and sprinkle with sesame, poppy, seeds, as desired.
  • When it’s done, cover them and let them cool, then push on! I have never tried or made anything softer in my life!
  • * if you are cooking potatoes because of bread, you will need additional liquid to make mashed potatoes, and if you use ready-made then the stated amount is enough.
  • I froze the excess, and when I thawed it they were equally fine and soft, without the use of an oven or microwave!


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