Rosa Cooking

Bread of health

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Preparation steps

  • In a deep bowl, mix all types of flour, add maltex, salt and baking powder. Add the seeds and mix everything well.
  • Gradually add carbonated water and knead until you get a soft dough.
  • Shape the loaf and place it in a greased pan.
  • Preheat the oven to 250 ° C, so when you put the bread, reduce the temperature to 220 ° C and bake until the bread gets a nice yellow crust.



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Light fermentation of fruits, such as apples, pears or raisins, yeast, leftover bread and 3 days of patience will be enough for you for this traditional Russian low-alcohol drink. Refreshing and healthy at the same time.

Rye bread

The benefits of rye bread are great: rye is an excellent source of fiber, which is why it helps regulate body weight and lower cholesterol. The secret of this recipe is in a little brown sugar that gives the flavor of the bread fullness.

Rye bread with sesame

Rye flour bread is characterized by a special, full taste and a different, denser texture. It is usually mixed with some other type of flour, and we suggest a recipe with smooth wheat flour and sesame.

Rye with milk

If it seems to you that 80 minutes, as long as it takes to prepare a meal like this, is too much, cook the rice and rye the day before, and use the remaining amount for imaginative soup or imaginative salads.