Rosa Cooking

Bread made of white corn flour and nettle

It couldn't be faster and easier, and for all those who like healthy and tasty, crunchy bread that doesn't grow ... With the addition of dry nettle, it becomes even more interesting and unusual :-)

Preparation steps

  • In a deep bowl put white corn flour, oatmeal, oat bran and seeds to taste-I put a slice, sunflower and sesame ... Add hot water, salt to taste, dry nettle, nutmeg and olive oil. Mix everything well, grease a baking sheet, shape the bread and sprinkle it well with sesame seeds.


Bread is like a thicker cracker with sesame, a lot of neutral taste, so you can combine it with anything and everything. I served it with a kind of pesto with zucchini, arugula, cardamom, ginger and aromatic oil ... With a piece of good cheese and homemade tomato, with some olives and chili peppers, perfect ...