Rosa Cooking

Bread from antiquity

this is bread I don’t make often, just for special occasions but then I eat it with such will and love that those feelings accompany me for the next few months until I prepare it again. The recipe is very old, it was given to me by my favorite grandmother, and she remembers how it was prepared by her grandmother.

Preparation steps

  • just to mention, all the flour except rye is ground from our own fields on an old stone mill (thanks to my dear neighbor) Mix the flour and pour boiling water and when it is lukewarm add a cube of fresh yeast and a little sugar and mix well. Leave to stand for about half hours (until it starts to "shoot" Then coat with a little smooth flour dissolved in water On a baking sheet lay corn leaves and sprinkle with a little corn flour and put the mixture in a bread oven for 3h, when I can not I put it in the oven and it's also finia probably a third of the ingredients could be put in a baking dish, we might try: -DBread can stay in the fridge for a very long time, it can be frozen if you have left because the amount is large, it is also very filling and healthy and with a little homemade jam it becomes finer than any cake


until it cools down enjoy only the scents and then the magic of the taste and value of your effort