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Bread and pastries

According to this recipe, I made bread, some days and rolls, and now the children needed something for the days of bread, and since the dough is fine and soft, you just need an idea for the shape, so here it is;

Preparation steps

  • Heat a little water (it must not be hot, medium) and crumble the yeast in it, add sugar and 2 teaspoons of flour, mix it all and leave it to rise. Heat water and milk (also not to be hot). Put about less flour (when you mix, you can add as much as you need), add salt, yeast, milk and water and half the amount of margarine (if you are going to make sunflower or rolls, you need the other half to spread the dough), and if you make bread (wood) or some other form) melt only half the amount of margarine (meaning 70 gr) and knead the dough, add more flour if necessary. Leave the dough to rise. Mix it again and make the desired shapes. If you make sunflowers, you can see the way it is made in the hump, butterflies in Valerija10, decorative bread-tree in Mediha, and for rolls I make two large balls, then roll them into as large a circle as possible, spread with melted margarine, cut with a pizza knife (that is that roll that just pushes and he cuts) into 4 parts and then each part in half, then again each part in half and until I get how big rolls I want, so they look nice like croissants by mignonne, and you can fill them as you wish . Whatever you make, arrange them nicely in a pan and let them rise, then spread with beaten egg yolk, and you can sprinkle with sesame, poppy or whatever you like best, and bake at 200-225 degrees for about 25-35 minutes depending on what you made (I i have been using baking paper, since i discovered it i don't grease pans for anything, not even pies, baked potatoes and meat in the oven, and there is one trick from Jamie Oliver when baking meat and potatoes the paper is crumpled and soaked in cold water and put up on meat and potatoes, so everything is finely baked and not sprayed in the oven and does not stick to the pan, so it does not have to be soaked, just remove the paper and throw it away, and you can put the pan in the washing machine, if you have it, simply wash it. power, means only the upper)


I made sunflower, wood and a few butterflies from this amount and it turned out to be quite large, you reduce the amount, if you don't need that much. This is a fine and soft dough, without eggs, yogurt or cream. And the bread is still soft even after 2 days (if left)


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