Rosa Cooking

Brazilian tapioca balls

Fine delicious balls that delight everyone who loves cheese. In my bakery, in addition to this classic version, they also know how to add fried onions to the mixture, I love these additionally flavored ones, but this classic way is also nice;)

Preparation steps

  • Put milk, olive oil and salt in the pot, stir and boil briefly. In a bowl in which we will mix the mixture, put tapioca starch and slowly and carefully pour the mixture of hot milk. that we can continue to mix by hand. Then add the eggs, stir a little more and then add the parmesan and mix everything well. You need to mix a lot to combine everything nicely. Let the mixture cool completely to make it easier to handle later.
  • Using a coffee spoon, grab the mixture and form balls between the oiled palms. Bake them at 200 degrees for 25 minutes.
  • From this mixture I got 65 balls.



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