Rosa Cooking

Bourbon tiramisu

The new full flavors of Bourbon Vanilla pudding and premnium chocolate pudding combined with the famous flavor of tiramisu gave me a wonderful cream that instantly wins.

Preparation steps

  • Mix pudding powder with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a little milk,
  • put the remaining milk 300ml to boil.
  • When it boils put the pudding powder and cook for 2 minutes stirring.
  • So cook a special chocolate pudding and a special vanilla pudding. Cool while stirring.
  • Cheese mixed with powdered sugar.
  • Mix the sweet cream and add the cheese.
  • Divide the cream cheese into two parts.
  • We mix one with chocolate pudding,
  • another with vanilla pudding. Mix well with a mixer
  • Mix coffee and rum with them moisten the biscuits
  • Arrange one row of biscuits, then cream,
  • on top of the cream another row of biscuits and on top the rest of the cream.
  • Sprinkle the cream with cocoa.


It’s a classic performance, you can, like me, put the biscuits and cream in a mold and when pressed squeeze it upside down on a tray and serve.


cream tiramisu

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Wine cream is especially popular in countries with a high wine culture. So the French have sabayon, the Italians zabaione, the Germans Weinschaumsauce, the Austrians Weinchaudeau, while in our country they call it chateau and shodo.