Rosa Cooking

Bombs with figs and coconut

Explosion of taste :)

Preparation steps

  • Grind the figs and add the ground biscuits, combine them well and divide them into 20 balls and put the core of a small walnut in each ball (preferably whole).
  • Boil water and sugar a little and add coconut. When it cools, add well-beaten margarine with powdered sugar and divide it into 20 pieces and coat the previous fig balls with this mass. Leave the finished balls in a very cool place to set.
  • Melt the milk chocolate with water and sugar and roll the cooled balls into the coconut immediately. If you have not cooled them well, the coconut mixture will fall into the chocolate.
  • Again, leave the balls in a cool place for the chocolate to set. Cut them into 4 pcs. From this mixture you will get 80 very tasty and decorative cakes.
  • I made it with half the ingredients for the first time and I didn't know that the balls needed to be cooled well, so the mixture coated with coconut remained in the chocolate. Don't repeat my mistake. Pleasant ...


figs little balls

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