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Bolognese with ajvar

I’m a fan of ajvar and bolognese sauce, so why not combine it into one? I decided to share with you this recipe of mine as I prepare bolognese with ajvar. I hope you like it, so let’s get going!

Preparation steps

  • Before I start cooking I have a habit of preparing all the ingredients (pictured). In this recipe, I used BIO integral gluten-free spaghetti, as I try to eat as healthy as possible.
  • In a heated cooking pot, I personally use a Mehrzer pot, add olive oil. Put onion (garlic if desired) on the heated oil, which is then salted and peppered and left to simmer. Once the onion takes on its golden-brown color, add the baking powder with a little lukewarm water and stir. Baking powder will help the onion boil.
  • The onions need to be deep-fried, and then we add the peppers and carrots, which we also deep-fry. Then add water while stirring and let it boil.
  • We put freshly chopped tomatoes after about ten minutes, because if we add them immediately, the vegetables will not "break down" well. Add a little more water, cover the pot and let it simmer.
  • After the tomato has boiled, add the minced beef, add salt and pepper and try to chop it into as small pieces as possible. Stir until the meat turns brown. I personally put pir flour to thicken the mixture and a little sweet paprika powder. Add water and let it boil. After ten minutes, add mashed tomatoes and ajvar, add more water if necessary. Along with the mashed tomatoes, there is also half a teaspoon of sugar so that your food would not be sour. Stir the dish as needed during cooking over low heat.
  • After about twenty minutes, add the oregano and parsley, and stir. It is necessary to add water to the dish during cooking, I personally use salt water in which I cook pasta. I cook the minced beef for about 25-30 minutes. Before the very end, I add a beef cube that takes about 3 minutes to prepare and turmeric which is added just before the very end so that it does not lose its nutritional value. Before you finish cooking, try the dish and add salt and pepper, if necessary (you can also Vegeta).
  • The dish is ready to serve. I recommend grated gouda cheese as an addition, and lettuce as a side dish. Good apetite!