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Kotlovina is a traditional fair dish of northern Croatia. There are various recipes for making Kotlovina, but I inherited this one from my family, which has been slightly refined. The recipe is adapted to work in a medium-sized plate (diameter 70 cm) for about 15 people.

Preparation steps

  • Heat the lard to the frying temperature and place the prepared meat (bacon, chicken, sausages) in it. Lightly fry on both sides, and then place the meat on the rim of the plate to maintain the required temperature.
  • In the fat that was previously used for frying meat, now add finely chopped red onion, salt and simmer until it takes on a glassy color. While the onions are simmering, add the finely chopped green peppers and carrots.
  • After the vegetables have risen, so they have taken on a glassy shape, we add water. The water is added a little below the edge of the plate, so that it does not spill over the rim after we return the meat. Now add the finely chopped garlic, one tablespoon of tomato concentrate and 3 tablespoons of ajvar. Let it boil.
  • In this "soup", add all the meat from the rim (except sausages) to cook together, and add minced red pepper, pepper and if desired. I determine the spices by sprinkling thinly over the entire surface of the plate in which it is cooked. This is cooked until the meat becomes so soft that it is lightly pierced with a fork.
  • When the meat is soft enough, return it to the rim of the plate and put the peeled potatoes in the "soup" and add 3 dcl of white wine (not too sour!). Add the sausages to the potatoes and cook for another 20-30 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked. Occasionally try the taste of the soup to add salt or seasoning as needed. Also, add water as needed so that the level does not fall much below the edge of the cooking plate.
  • For a denser cauldron
  • Put 2 kg of peeled potatoes and sliced ​​mushrooms, and cook for 15 minutes. Add white canned beans. Add the sausages and cook for another 15 minutes.


The cauldron is served in deeper plates, to fit both meat and juice. Lettuce as a side dish, and white wine or beer as a drink.


boiler kettle

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The perfect accompaniment to picnics and barbecues can be a cauldron. Get a cauldron, heat well and fry cutlets, sausages and vegetables in oil, don't forget the spices, and finally serve with boiled potatoes.


Kotlovina is a folk dish that is prepared at fairs, places where a lot of people gather, typical for northwestern Croatia. This intoxicating-smelling dish is very often prepared in vineyards or at other outdoor gatherings. In addition to the inevitable pork steaks, chicken, sausages or river fish rolled in a mixture of corn flour are prepared in a roasting hat.

Fragrant cauldron

Whether you are on a picnic, barbecue with friends or at home with your loved ones, the cauldron is the perfect choice for socializing. Prepare it with cutlets, chicken, sausages and vegetables, but don't forget the most important spice, sweet pepper mix, which will give each cauldron an unforgettable taste.

Macedonian cauldron

You will prepare one of the series of Macedonian pearls from the meat of lamb or beef. Along with meat and onions, tomatoes, white wine and spices are indispensable. Serve with noodles or gnocchi.

Puree cubes

Who would have thought that mashed potatoes from a bag could bake a cake? You'll add more walnuts and sugar, and a little chocolate… It already sounds like a dessert, doesn't it? And perhaps this is exactly what Richard Bach, who mentions him in the book, is thinking of.

Samobor boiler room

No fair, pardon and trip to the vineyard, has a real taste without meat prepared in a wide, shallow metal "hat". Samoborci are unsurpassed in this as well, thanks to their courage in creating unusual combinations.