Rosa Cooking

Boiled paprika

This is my way of preparing boiled peppers for the winter. I have been working like this for years and whoever tries it very much likes it, I share the recipe with you, I think you will like it too.

Preparation steps

  • Wigs (I'm looking for somborka, maybe babura) should be cleaned of stalks and seeds, washed in the morning and the seeds should come out and drain well from the water.
  • Chop the garlic and primrose.
  • Put the boiling mixture in a bowl to boil, when it boils put a dozen peppers, cook only to let 2-3 keys should not be too soft. Arrange the boiled peppers in a jar, sprinkle each row with chopped garlic and primrose. When the jar is filled with peppers, press the peppers with a plastic jar rack, and fill the jar with the hot mixture where the peppers were cooked. Close the jars well, cover and tuck in until they cool down.
  • once more


pepper winter

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