Rosa Cooking


Our ancestors were very wise. Somehow they intuitively knew which food was good for their health, for their survival in difficult times. And as they transformed the food, it is for the greatest pohfal. I am afraid to throw away food, I often transform it or give it away. One of those old, most delicious recipes is this one, beans with rice and leeks. They probably invented it when they had beans left and they had a new lunch the next day. I don't have an exact recipe , I change it sometimes, but I mostly make it when I have beans. Sometimes I freeze some beans, so I have that when I want to prepare just that. For beans, the most important thing is not to overcook it, because then it smells, carbohydrates have broken down and that's why many people don't like beans ... When they tried my beans and Bobarnik, many friends who did not want to smell beans, began to adore it. Saturday is a very good day for this lunch, in Strumica it is somehow common for that day, because it is made relativ

Preparation steps

  • Prepare the leek, fry it in oil. Add the washed rice, fry, add the roasted or dried peppers. Add all the spices.
  • In a baking pan, place the prepared beans from before. It can also be canned or just boiled beans, without anything. Add rice, stir ...
  • Add hot water, I add 3 times more than rice. Stir and put a little pepper on top, again. Put to bake at 200 degrees. When the rice is done and Bobarnik is done.
  • Good appetite!


With roasted peppers or other salad, as a main meal. You can add sausages, meatballs ... You can also combine as a salad, each combination is beautiful, the taste is wonderful and hot and cold.