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Bled cream - Krempite

I recently stayed for a few days in Slovenia, my hometown, touring the places where I spent my childhood. And every time I go there I stay in Bled for at least one day longer than I planned. So it was this time, you will see why :-) As I sit on the terrace of the restaurant just above Lake Bled, and rest my soul watching the surroundings, I lightly enjoy the bites of the famous Bled cream puff, according to whose recipe they are made throughout Slovenia. I tried them in Ljubljana and I didn't notice any difference, except in the price :-) Until you head in that direction, here is a recipe, if not the same, at least similar, for the famous Bled cream puffs. Enjoy!

Preparation steps

  • Spread the puff pastry to the size of 30x40 (two crusts), prick with a fork, and bake on an inverted tin until the crusts turn golden.
  • Subtract egg yolk, vanilla, flour, pudding and approximately 2.5 liters of cold milk in a quantity that will be enough to combine it all.
  • Pour the milk into a deeper pot, add the sugar and heat over low heat. When the milk is warm enough, remove from the heat and shake the flour and egg mixture. Stir well, return to the hob, reduce the temperature and mix, taking care not to burn the cream.
  • Beat the egg whites into a stiff batter. Pour the egg whites into the cream and roll the cream from the middle to the end with a spatula, until the egg whites are well bound with the cream.
  • Put one crust on the bottom of the pan and pour the cream over it. Allow to cool. Meanwhile, whip the whipped cream and spread the icing on the well-chilled cream. Place another crust on top. The bark does not need to be cut into squares beforehand. It is crispy and cuts with a small toothpick without any problems. Leave the cream in the fridge to cool well before serving. Sprinkle it with powdered sugar! Pleasant!


The picture is edited, Bled has a picture on the computer in the background and in front is the crempita I was making, it's not Bled :-)