Rosa Cooking

Biscuit cake and Milka chocolate

You need a cake and you don't have time or you don't want to stand in the kitchen for too long.

Preparation steps

  • In 1/2 l of milk, cook the chocolate pudding and 5 teaspoons of sugar. In the hot add milk Milka chocolate and leave to cool.
  • In 1/2 l of milk, cook coconut or vanilla pudding with 5 tablespoons of sugar. Add white Milka chocolate to the heat and leave to cool.
  • Whisk the butter and combine half with the white and the other half with the black filling. If you want sweeter, add a little powdered sugar to the butter, but be careful, and the chocolate is sweet.
  • Place a 26 cm diameter ring on the tray. Pass the biscuits through the milk and line the bottom and edges of the mold. Pour the black filling over the biscuits. Cover with the biscuits and pour the white filling.
  • Melt 200 g of milk Milka chocolate and combine with sour cream. Pour over the white filling.
  • Wash the strawberries, dry them and dip them halfway in melted chocolate and then in coconut, chopped violets or whatever you like. Cool the cake well.


It is best to make the cake the day before. I didn't have time, it just stood in the fridge for a couple of hours and the fillings were mixed during cutting, which can be seen in the picture.



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