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Bingo cake

My favorite cake for all occasions!

Preparation steps

  • Biscuit: 1. Mix all ingredients and bake in a square pan measuring 24 × 40cm. Cream: 1. Boil sugar, thickener, pudding in boiled milk. 2. When the cream has cooled add the prepared margarine. 3. Divide the cream into 3 parts. 1 part add ground biscuits, 2 parts add melted chocolate, 3 parts remain yellow. Stacking: Sprinkle the biscuit a little with phantom, coat with biscuit cream, arrange jaffa biscuits slightly dipped in milk over it (chocolate part turned down. Coat the filling with chocolate over the jaffa, place biscuits slightly dipped in phantom on it. Coat the yellow k over the biscuit. Coat the cake with whipped cream.
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