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Bigard goose / goose / duck breast with orange

/ Recipe on request, fine goose breast / maybe duck / in one of the classic French sauces / bigard sauce. For two people you need one breast / about 300g /. I cut these breasts a little too early to be able to take photos but they need to stand in foil for at least 10 minutes / to settle the juices to prevent spillage from the meat, especially if guests want medium rare or rare / enjoy raw French.Enjoy French cuisine.This in the picture are goose breasts.

Preparation steps

  • Wash the breast. Clean the breast of excess fat on the side / to form a fine steak / dry the breast with kitchen paper. Salt it on both sides. Heat the fat of your choice in a pan with a thicker bottom. Put the chest first on the side where the skin is on, reduce the heat if you see that a lot of breasts will splash in half but you know your stove best, be careful .Let the breasts bake on one side for about 10 minutes./raise them lightly if the skin is very burnt and dark and the majority of the fat has drained, turn the breasts to bake on the other side / 3 min for rare if you want to bake better longer in the range of up to 7 min, my advice to you is not to toast your breasts because that’s not it / while you are baking and turning your breasts NEVER stab with a fork and move constantly. Remove the chest and wrap for 10 minutes in foil.
  • Make Bigard sauce: If you see that you have squeezed a lot of fat / drain a little in a bowl through a fine sieve, be sure to save that fat because it can be used as a fine sauce with some baking or to coat meat, popcorn and the like when baking in the oven , it is very fine in brioches, pastries / especially French / in the end you can bake an egg on this fine fat, you will see the difference /. Add flour, mix and fry the flour to get a fine golden color or the closest color of white coffee / it is a characteristic color bigard sauce / .Salt the sauce, cover with grand marnier, vinegar and stock, mix by scraping the bottom of the pan / to lift the glued divots that will give extra flavor to the sauce / gradually add the orange juice / let it be freshly squeezed / until it gets texture and fluidity of the sauce / you may need more sauce than orange, judge for yourself..Try the sauce and finish to taste.
  • Place the sauce on the bottom of the serving plate, cut the breast obliquely with a sharp knife, arrange the sauce, garnish with sliced ​​slices of orange. Serve as desired with rice, mashed potatoes, etc. with a fine seasonal salad.