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Big cake Spanish wind

Delicious, great cake for birthdays or celebrations. Words are superfluous and so enjoy, good taste!

Preparation steps

  • First make the egg whites. Whisk 6 egg whites with 375 g (16 tablespoons of sugar) in solid snow. Add the juice of one lemon. Bake on baking paper for 150 * hours (dry). After baking, remove from the mold and leave on paper to cool. Repeat the procedure for the second crust.
  • BLACK PEEL Whisk 6 egg whites with 6 tablespoons of sugar then add 6 egg yolks, stir gently. Then 100 g of ground walnuts. Bake at 200 * until golden brown. Remove the baking paper and leave to cool. Repeat for the second crust.
  • FIL 12 egg yolks whisk, gradually add flour and 300 ml of milk. In the rest of the milk put 8 tablespoons of sugar and 1 vanilla, bring to a boil. Pour the egg yolk mixture, stir, taking care not to burn (2-3 min).
  • Whisk the frothy margarine with 300 g of powdered sugar. Add the cooled egg yolk filling, combine well. Divide the filling into two parts. Put melted cooking chocolate in one part, 300 g of roasted ground walnuts in the other part.
  • Whip 800 ml of whipping cream with sugar and milk. It will need as a filling and coating the whole cake.
  • Filling Black crust - filling - whipped cream - white crust - filling - whipped cream again the same. Coat the cake with whipped cream, decorate as desired.


The cake is best prepared the day before serving so that everything comes together nicely. The crust will be so juicy.



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