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Besamella sauce

Why should we buy it when we can make it very quickly and cheaply at home. I have been using this recipe for a long time and it is always great! 23cm ..

Preparation steps

  • Melt the butter in a large bowl over a low heat, add all the flour and mix quickly with a wire so that no lumps form. Briefly soak the flour only slightly to change color, then add a little milk and mix continuously. minutes until it boils and gets the need for density, stirring constantly, then remove from the heat and add salt as needed and grated nutmeg ..


bechamel sauces

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Cucumbers in white fennel sauce

Cucumbers and yogurt - the ideal combination. Refresh it with the addition of fennel, garlic and two types of oil, soy and olive. Serve, well chilled, as a stand-alone meal or with grilled meat.

Hake in orange sauce

The Chinese have been cultivating it for 5,000 years, the Europeans have known it for 2,000, and the Brazilians are its largest producers. Combined with meat, it is particularly refined, especially with duck, but it will not disappoint you with fish either.

Hake with fine mushroom sauce

As an overture to the autumn symphony with a mushroom theme, cook yourself a fine sauce from the fragrant queens of the forest. Our suggestion is to try it topped with fried hake, and try it with pasta, gnocchi or rice.

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Hake is an area of ​​true culinary research. He is just a gallant food, who enjoys the company of many others.

Lentil and zucchini spread

Lentil and zucchini spread

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Peanut sauce

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Salad Weekend

Modern complex salads, followers of probably the most popular, namely France and Russia, can be both stand-alone dishes, and an appetizer or side dish.

Top quality perch from the oven

White wine, white sauce, white pepper, garlic and everything else white when applied in the preparation of fish gives an indispensable result, a top dinner with top quality perch.