Rosa Cooking

Belly burgers

It is not necessary to cook tripe / tripe for several hours. It is enough to cook for one hour and grind them in a meat grinder and still use them for the preparation of burgers or as an insert for soup and pasta sauce. The soup that remains after cooking is an excellent base for preparing some stew with vegetables and pasta.

Preparation steps

  • Boil 1.5 kg of washed tripe in 3 liters of drinking water for about 1 hour with a new masonry nail. Season the cooked tripe lightly with salt and pepper. Let them boil for another minute or two.
  • Take the hot tripe out of the pot and cool it down a bit (sweeten yourself with the most beautiful pieces of rumen / rumen edge). Cut the warm rumen / tripe into smaller pieces and grind in a meat grinder through a 3 mm grid.
  • Mix the ground boiled rumen with 3 chicken eggs and mix well. Add T 500 flour and bread crumbs to form meatballs / meatballs. When you are satisfied with the density of the mass: with an ice cream spoon, or with the help of two spoons, form meatballs for frying or freezing.
  • Meatballs are fried in shallow fat or on the grill. Serve alone or with sauces based on (h) rena, mayonnaise or with bechamel sauce. The divine smell and taste of tripe come to the fore.