Rosa Cooking

Beijing soup

This is one of those soups that can replace a complete meal, it is very spicy and this is one of my variants on the topic…

Preparation steps

  • Put the meat with ginger and a teaspoon of salt in the water and cook until the meat is uncooked. If I use drumsticks, I remove their skin so that they are not too greasy soup.
  • When the meat is cooked, take it out in a special bowl to cool, then cut it into smaller pieces.
  • Heat the oil in a large skillet and sauté the finely chopped onion, add the diced carrot or sticks and chili peppers and simmer together for a few minutes.
  • Now add the tomato, squeezed garlic (or powder) and simmer for a few minutes. Pour over the soup in which the meat was cooked, add soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and add salt to taste. Boil everything briefly, then add chopped meat, sprouts and a little water mixed with density.
  • Beat the eggs with a spoonful of water and lightly pour into the cooked and removed soup from the fire, stirring constantly.


Bamboo can be added to the soup, a little chopped fresh pepper, it can be made from fresh tomatoes which I pre-steam and peel the shrimp, in which case I usually add ketchup. It is also very tasty if it is made of beef, if you have meat left over when cooking soup it can be chopped and used for one such soup.