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Beetroot spaetzle

Spezle is an ingenious side dish, it is a molded dough that can be made from various types of flour and with various combinations. it can be a main dish with a fine salad.

Preparation steps

  • Cut the cooked beetroot into cubes and beat it with a stick mixer. Put the beetroot in a bowl, mix the eggs, flour, salt and water with a wooden spoon until bubbles appear and the mixture is finely mixed.
  • Heat about 1.5 l of water with a little salt. Take a spezle device or a strainer like I have with slightly larger holes and a spatula / cake spatula. water .When you have finished / and it should go quickly / remove the strainer, let the water boil once more with the speckles and take it out / preferably with a slotted spoon /.
  • Heat the butter and olive oil and add the chopped walnuts and washed and dried sage leaves / if they are large you can also chop them / let the walnuts fry a little and the sage will let off its smell. salt and steam with freshly ground pepper.
  • Serve warm as a main dish with a fine salad or as a side dish to steaks.


mucika specle

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