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Beef tongue with gnocchi

Beef tongue in my way, according to Aunt Andjelka's recipe.

Preparation steps

  • Boil a well-washed tongue for about half an hour in slightly salted water. After half an hour, take out the tongue and put it under cold water, to make it easier to peel off the skin.
  • In the tongue thus prepared, use a thin knife to make pockets in which to put; bacon, garlic and parsley (or pesto), then stab a piece of carrot 5-7 cm over it. Continue to fill the tongue (approximately ten pockets)
  • Bake the tongue prepared in this way in a little oil, for about five minutes on each side. Add the remaining carrots, red onion, paprika, bay leaf, tomato, Vegeta, pepper and water to cover the meat. I never use water in which the tongue has been boiled.
  • Continue to cook and be careful not to overcook. After about 40 minutes (depending on the size of the tongue) take out the tongue on a board and cut it into slices (about 1 cm thick)
  • Scab in which the tongue was cooked, strain or chop with a stick mixer, (Before mixing, remove the bay leaf and rosemary)
  • Return the sliced ​​tongue to the scab. Add the wine and shake gently. Cook for another ten minutes. Sprinkle with parsley and serve.
  • Gnocchi in pictures; Recipe (I think all recipes are similar, but it all depends on the type of potato) 1 kg of boiled potatoes propagate. Put potatoes on the flour (about 300 g) and wait for it to cool down a bit. If you start kneading hot potatoes, the dough becomes too soft. Add salt, 1 egg, and a little oil- 5-6 tablespoons and knead not too hard dough. Make gnocchi as in the picture and cook them in salted water until they float. When putting gnocchi in water just press them a little in the middle. Take them out on a strainer and together with the strainer put them in cold water and drain quickly. They need to be dipped in cold water so that they are not sticky.


You can serve it with gnocchi, pasta, rice. All is well.



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