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Beef liver in tomato sauce

For Tashana who delights me with her diet… This will go great with an integral bathura, at least for me it's a litter .. I used to count calories, and I wanted to eat nicely, so this recipe was created…

Preparation steps

  • Wash the liver and cut it into pieces.
  • I appreciate cutting onions into lamellae and covering the bottom of the sherpa or dry cooker in which I store it.
  • Fry it briefly in oil but keep it spread on the bottom.
  • Put the liver over the onion, sprinkle with and simmer covered. Turn, cut a little, then pour over the vinegar and immediately cover again, so that the vinegar does not evaporate.
  • After a minute, pour in the tomato and soup and simmer covered until the sauce thickens a bit.
  • The sauce should cover the liver at the moment of pouring, which can be turned a few more times in order to better absorb the tomato, so because of the pouring for stewing, choose a dish that corresponds to the amount of liver.
  • It is also great as an addition to rice or spaghetti, but as far as diatas are concerned, this is another case.


It didn't occur to me the other day to take a picture of her, but next time a picture will definitely arrive. I think there are about 260 cal per person, don't take my word for it, it was a long time ago, although I still make it regularly. Pleasant!



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