Rosa Cooking

Bećarac or bećar paprikaš

This dish is another one for my only cooler - grandma and mom’s kitchen. I don't know the exact measures, nor are they important, each time it turns out differently depending on what the ingredients are. In any case, the dish is summer, simple, healthy, tasty, and sometimes on my menu twice a week..during the summer .... I love this name from Bečar ;-)

Preparation steps

  • All vegetables should be sliced.
  • First the onion, two or three heads of red or ordinary onion, sliced. It can be smaller if you don't like onions ... We will simmer it on the fat. I use olive pomace almost by default while my dear mom stews on fat.
  • Cut the pepper (2-3-4-5) in half, clean and cut into narrow strips. The paprika chopped in this way will completely lose its flakes. If they are cut into larger pieces, the shell will fall off them and wrap itself in strips ... we don't like that ... Another way is to bake and peel the peppers, which gives the whole dish a slightly different flavor ... by choice for everyone and in quantity. available time ...
  • It's the same story with tomatoes and flakes, so I steam it with hot water and peel it, then cut it into cubes. If you want zucchini and other vegetables, also cut them into peeled cubes. When you have chopped everything, throw yourself into cooking.
  • Onions with a little salt should be sautéed to become glassy. I pour a little water. Then add the peppers as they are the hardest. One day in this step I added it to finely chopped chicken. Carrots can also be added in this step.
  • Add the remaining vegetables to the softened paprika, which does not take long, and let it simmer slowly. Pour the tomato juice as needed.
  • Towards the end, season with salt and pepper, sugar, tabasco ... and turn off. Sugar has the effect of cutting the acid of tomatoes ... instead of sugar, you can use a sweetener or even Coca-Cola. Add finely chopped garlic and primrose and cover for a minute.
  • The longer it simmers slowly, the better this dish ...


Serve warm with cooked rice, pasta, noklice ....